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Your One-Stop-Shop for Premium Cannabis Product
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Special Offer: 15% OFF  All Rolling Papers

Our Commitment to Safety and Security

"Feel secure from the moment you step in with our 24/7 professional security personnel dedicated to ensuring a safe environment for all our customers."

"Our team of certified budtenders is trained not only in customer service but also in product knowledge and safety protocols. They meticulously test and quality-check each product before it hits the shelves."


Authentic Products Guarantee: "100% real products, every time. We pride ourselves on sourcing only the best, ensuring you get the genuine experience you deserve."

Your Safe Haven for Cannabis Shopping on the Poospatuck Reservation

Easy Access and Peaceful Shopping

Skip the hustle and bustle! Access our dispensary conveniently via Eleanor Street, leading straight to Poospatuck Lane. This route is designed to save you time and hassle, allowing you to enjoy your shopping experience without the stress of traffic and crowds."

Why Shop With Us

"Our dispensary offers a peaceful ambiance away from the chaotic streets, where you can browse, ask questions, and learn in a calm and friendly environment."

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