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Experience the symphony of flavors and effects with our Top Notch House Blend Pre-Rolls. Each pre-roll is a carefully crafted mix of the shake from all the exceptional strains we proudly carry in-house. It’s a journey through the best we have to offer, providing a unique and varied experience with every puff.


Why Our House Blend Pre-Rolls?

  • Diverse Blend: By combining the shake from every strain in our repertoire, our House Blend Pre-Rolls offer a rich and diverse cannabis experience. You’ll taste the subtleties and notes from a variety of strains, all in one smooth smoke.

  • Quality Assured: Even though it’s a blend of shakes, we don’t compromise on quality. Each strain mixed into our pre-rolls is of the highest quality, grown with the utmost care, and handled meticulously to preserve its essence.

  • Convenience: Ready to enjoy without the hassle of grinding and rolling. Perfect for on-the-go moments or when you want a quick and easy smoke without the fuss.

  • Affordability: Priced at just $5 for a 1g pre-roll, it’s an unbeatable deal. Our House Blend Pre-Rolls deliver not just variety and quality, but also incredible value.

  • Surprise in Every Smoke: Due to the variety of strains mixed, each House Blend Pre-Roll may offer a different experience. From the flavor profile to the effects, it’s a pleasant surprise every time you light one up.



Ideal For:

  • Cannabis enthusiasts who love to explore different flavor profiles and effects.
  • Anyone looking for an affordable yet quality cannabis experience.
  • Those new to cannabis and looking to explore without committing to a single strain


Size & Pricing:

  • Each pre-roll contains 1 gram of our premium house blend shake.
  • Unbeatable value at only $5 per pre-roll


Don’t Miss Out! Grab one of our Top Notch House Blend Pre-Rolls today and savor the rich tapestry of cannabis flavors and effects we’ve lovingly bundled together. It’s more than a pre-roll; it’s a celebration of the best we have to offer!

House Blend Pre-roll

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